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Re: White Racism

Originally Posted by Redneckboy View Post
Amen, Amen! /blackBaptistchurchmemberimpression

I mean seriously, get over it people. Why are we so used to restricting free speech and free thought. Just worry about your own thoughts and we will worry about ours. Getting rid of racism bye forcing someone to not be racist will not better the world. The world would be better off if we who try to not be "as racist" (because everyone is to some degree) would become tolerent and shrug it off. Now when extremists start commiting violent and or other extreme acts, then the people of the community might want to step in. Please, do not use the government to get your point across. You just add to the list of ways the tyrants can take over.
You don't seem to understand that racism directly leads to violent acts. Do you think the KKK sprang up out of the blue, its foundation was created in racism. Its not about restricting free speech its about protecting it. Case in point because of racial tensions its next to impossible for a white person to say anything against the way most black run their families or their career and be taken seriously by the black population even if they have doctorates in family/career management. A black person that is less qualified can go to the very same black population and his advice will be accepted.

Racism breeds racism thats a fact. Racism is like a forest fire it starts small but if nothing is done about it then it soon grows into a wild fire.
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