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Re: Jiraiya or Orochumaru

I actually voted for a tie considering. The only fight that Orochimaru had in which he was somewhat serious was against the third. Even then I don't think he was fighting all out. I believe that he just wanted to torture Sarutobi before killing him and got caught. Not to mention that the third was "the greatest of the five" 60 some years old or not. Same goes for when he fought the 4 tails. He simply wanted to test Naruto, he had no intention of killing him or fighting him seriously, he just wanted to see how good he was compared to Sasuke. Besides Orochimaru really doesn't stack up well against genjutsu users, Jariha, save that one frog song genjutsu doesn't have any others. Orochimaru could simply negate that by gouging out his ears. Once that's done it's pretty much even in my eyes. As for that swamp of the underworld so what? Orochimaru can extend his body and puke up another one of himself. Add in the fact that Orochimaru could also ressurect Deidera, the Fourth, the Third and so forth and next thing you know Jariha isn't doing too well. As for the frog stomach bind the only way that could be pulled off is if it were indoors. As for the defense against super strength why does he need it? He took the best punches Tsunade could throw at him with realtive ease and she has the heaviest hits in the series. Oh, and it also helps that Orochimaru is practically un-killable via physical attacks.

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