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Re: Naruto's counter for the Amaterasu?

Amaterasu is deadly but could be fired only in single direction at one moment.
If Naruto use his Kage bunshins to constantly counter attack Sasuke from many sides at once, it could cause enough distraction to keep real Naruto in relative safe position.
Furthermore, it is interesting question what would happened if bunshin is caught by black flames and goes "puf". Will all flames disappear in the same moment as well, or they will be spread all around because of releasing a bunshin? If it is the first, then it is a plus for Naruto.

Beside, as other MS techniques, Amaterasu requires huge ammount of chakra and took tool on caster well, so it is logical to presume it could not be used long. We don't know exactly how long, but it is certainly shorter then Naruto's ability to produce calculated number of bunshins.

EDIT: Finally, we saw Jiraiya using some ninjutsu technique to capture Amaterasu in a scroll. I don't know did he teach Naruto how to do that, but if he did then it could come in handy in certain scenarios too.

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