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Re: Naruto's counter for the Amaterasu?

Originally Posted by trondah View Post
Anyways, Mikey it's quite an assumption to think that Sasuke will underestimate Naruto that much. Obviously he won't think Naruto is the exact same as he was three years ago. If you're not prepared for anything in a battle you won't live very long.
That doesn't mean shit Naruto is the number one unpredictable ninja he thrives off tricking you and making you look like an idiot. Itachi is far more talented and smarter then sasuke but even he was fooled by a replacement. Sasuke will be tricked again and that's your downfall, you are right perhaps sasuke doesn't think naruto is the same as 3 years ago but he also doesn't know crap about him. He doesn't know naruto's kb skill has become rather good he will see a bunch of clones and be like ahh same old shit burn them down amaterasu . Then next thing you know he is laying on the floor but why he asks" naruto will say truth is i was never in front of your vision i was behind.
Originally Posted by trondah View Post
Think about it, if you're Sasuke and wanted to land Amaterasu on Naruto, what would you do? Well, you know he has KB, so first thing he will think about is hitting the right Naruto.
Which Mikey and myself has said is not possible unless he get's lucky, sharingan cannot see a real from a fake not even a byakugan can in naruto's case.
So before pulling Amaterasu, he would probably lock on to the real one first.
Which like i said is not possible say he does lock on to him before there are a bunch of bushinns it takes time to charge up amaterasu right so say an instant before he releases it he see the one naruto in front of him he closes his eye, but what;'s stopping naruto from using kb that moment and then fleeing to his blind spot to attack sasuke. Or naruto could have well before used kb and tricked sasuke.
After that he can't get away,
Read the 2 above statements.
Sasuke can read seals and see whenever he makes a new one.
There is just on problem with one seal naruto already made 1000 kb it's very hard to see the real one since sharingan can't see and if all 1000 charge at you it's impossible to know were the real one is because once again sharingan can't see. So say he does fire amaterasu at all 1000 ahh but there would already be a real one behind him ready to rasengan his ass then what.
I'm not saying it would be easy, but come on how hard can it be.
Very hard i just showed you why.
Sounds like Naruto will kill anybody on the planet just by using his KB. We've all seen that's not the case.
Liie it or not sharingan's weakness is numbers and it's big ass blind spot from behind naruto has the tricks and the numbers to pull out a win he already know how to deal with sharingan fighters. As for everyone in the world if he ever does attain ftg i wouldn't want to be in sasuke's shoes or anyone else's for that mattter. It's obvious he will be the greatest hokage/ninja in the leaf most likely even the world since i dont' see nobody yet that can beat his pops or has surpassed him so till then minato is the strongest point blank but naruto's turn will come.
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