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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Originally Posted by ralatone View Post
Yay! List!!!!

Naruto - Most Unpredictable Lover. So he would have alot of tricks up his sleeve, he would be creative, and keep the sex fresh.
Yah, with his bushin and sexy no jutsu ;D lulz
I honestly see Naruto starting out clumsy, but definitely with a lot of energy and stamina. Overtime, he'd tap into his sexual creativity.

Sasuke - I can see him more of just a sweet lover type, but changing it up every now and then.
Really? I am surprised. XD
Considering that Sasuke has experienced a lot of anger in his life, I definitely see some of that pent up emotion flowing over into sex for his character. But yes, I think he'd be a sweet, intimate lover, moreso later in life than his younger years, though. I also see definite awkwardness in the beginning.

Lee - Seeing as he's a sweet guy, I would say he's more of a gentle lover type, but then again he may also turn the sex into training... O_o
LOL, Oh yah, Lee would set a goal, of say, 2 orgasms for his girl... and then progressively raise that goal. XD lmao.

Neji - Eh, for some reason I think he would be too stiff during the love making process, but hey you never know...

Kiba - He would probably prefer doggy style XD. Basically I see him as a wild type of lover...

Shino - He could be like Neji and be a stiff, or he might actually pull a 180 and be pretty good in the sack. So I dont really know about him...
I basically agree about these three. Neji seems stiff, but would probably open up more overtime, especially if it was with a girl he's known for awhile and is comfortable with. And respects, too.

Kiba, you got spot on from my view. XD

Shino I think would be a good lover. He simply can't fail at anything. ;D LOL but he'd have to find a girl that's a-ok with the occasional bug running out of his face and unto her arm or some shit. XD

Shikamaru - He's a pimp, but a lazy one at that. I'm sure he would just want to lay on his back and have the girl do all the work.

Choji - Much like lee, he as well would seem like the sweet type of lover guy.
Shika.. would pretend to view sex a chore. LOL
Chouji, ah, definitely sweet. He'd might like to bathe with his girl or experiment with, yes, food, isn't it obvious? lulz

Sakura - I think she would be a wild type when it comes to sex, especially since she's a bit perverted, but i'm sure she would like the sweet stuffs too.
I see her having some reservations, actually. At least at first. XD But yeah, she'd definitely be wild and passionate, but also gentle and sweet.

Ino - She also seems like a fiesty type, but would enjoy being the dominant one when it comes to sex.
She'd be rather open and full of energy, I think. I could see her liking to lead and be dominate, but I also see Ino really into a guy who takes control as well.. lol

Hinata - To me, she seems like the sweet lover type, but I also think that she's the type to be willing to do almost anything as well without really complaining as far as sex goes. So that could put her up there with the fiesty and wild ones, the only thing I could see being different is the pace.
Hinata. Definitely the sweet type. I think she'd like to cuddle too, but I can also see that willingness to experiment you mention. Her first time though, I just see her letting the lucky guy lead the way.

Tenten - She just seems like the type who would enjoy sex in general and would keep in on the normal.
Going by her personality, yeah, normal. XD Buuuut, she is a weapons mastah. XD Lotsa kinky potential. o.o lmao

Temari - Probably the wildest of them all. She would probably have a stash of whips in her closet.
Hah, oh yeah. Sex with her would be competitive and hawt. Whips do seem likely.

Originally Posted by Otachii View Post
Cool, now that I'm a member I can give my opinion. ^_^

There's no doubt in my mind that a sexual encounter between Kakashi and Anko would be hella hot! Though... I'm convinced Anko is a lesbian so it's hard for me to get into such a pairing. So I'm gonna go with my absolute favorite pairing; Kakashi and Sakura (a Sakura of legal age of course. xP). x3

I imagine that Kakashi is really experienced and knows how to please while Sakura is timid and unsure when it comes to... the 'darker' side of a realtionship but willing to learn and that is what hot encounters are made of. x3
I see Kakashi as unexperienced, honestly. Not in theory though. XD lol

Fanart ~~~

If the elephants have past lives yet are destined to always remember
It's no wonder how they scream
Like you and I they must have some temper

And I am dreaming of them on the plains
Dirtying up their beds
Watching for some sign of rain to cool their hot heads

And how dare that you send me that card when I'm doing all that I can do
You are forcing me to remember when all I want is to just forget you

If the tiger shall protect her young then tell me how did you slip by
All my instincts have failed me for once
I must have somehow slept the whole night

And I am dreaming of them with their kill
Tearing it all apart
Blood dripping from their lips and teeth sinking into heart

And how dare that you say you'll call
When you know I need some peace of mind
If you have to take sides with the animals
Won't you do it with one who is kind

And if the hawks in the trees need the dead
If you're living you don't stand a chance
For a time though you share the same bed
There are only two ends to this dance

You can flee with your wounds just in time or lie there as he feeds
Watching yourself ripped to shreds and laughing as you bleed

So for those of you falling in love keep it kind
Keep it good
Keep it right
Throw yourself in the midst of danger but keep one eye open at night

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