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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Well, that just about covers it lol. I obviously agree that Naruto would start out awkward and clumsy.

I think Shikamaru would PRETEND to view it as a chore as well. I think he would enjoy Temari's dominate type.

Sakura may depend on who she is with. I could see her being way more reserved if it was Sasuke, but with Naruto . . . she would ravage him. This is due largely to the circumstances of the way the characters finally get together.

Also, I need to clarify about my sequel, which will be entitiled "Sakura Season." I am puprosefully holding off the release until may first in order to

1. Build Hype
2. Acomplish some re-writes and make sure the story flows well because . . .

3. Its my first ever attempt at first person point of view writing.
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