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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
No way. XD I don't think that's a bad thing at all. Lee is <3
I meant that in a totally funny way... I think we can all imagine Lee making sex a training issue. lol
Heh, yeah I know. xP Oh he definately would which would prove to make things veeery interesting I think. Poor Lee gets a bad rap 'cause he's kinda goofy but I think it's safe to say that he'd get an A in activities beneath the sheets. xP

Really? lol
If anything, I find that her character lacks a truly distinct personality... I think of her and I think of when she woke Lee up by shaking him around XD and when she was very confident in Neji during the chuunin exam's final matches. I'm not really into her character lol
But I did add that last part about her weapons, so not saying I entirely disagree with you. It is precisely because she has little development that I think it can go either way, or blend together.
Lol, I actually couldn't agree more. I just like to think that Tenten would be sadisticly kinky 'cause of the whole 'weapons master' thing. xP Plus even though her character's not the most developed in the bunch, for some reason I just see her being one of those submissive S&M chicks who likes to be tied up and whipped and stuff... I don't know why, I just could totally see her into that. xD

LOL. No worries, I just prefer the idea that Kakashi has never really gotten any. XD And so he relies on Icha Icha lulz

But, I also don't really ship any Kakashi pairings. Though I like quite a few. lol
Heh, well we all have our preferences and I respect that. ^_~

Originally Posted by Highspeed0516 View Post
Errr . . . change of subject (but you can go right back to the other one of course) . . . cuz people her seem to care . . . here's a trailer I posted at the DA

This preview has been deemed appropriate for all audiences . . .

Coming this May 1st . . . .

From the Training Journal of Haruno Sakura, 28 March 112th Year of the Leaf

"Its sakura season. My season."

This is her story.

The orchard that lines the river is in full bloom, and I take it as a sign as I pause for a moment to consider my reflection in the water. My head protector gleams in the first light of day, highlighting my distinctive pink hair.

A young Kunoichi comes of age.

“But master, why does it have to be slugs? Couldn’t it be something cute and furry like bunnies or squirrels or maybe even . . .”

She's already faced so much. She's trained under the best.

My master’s long blond hair whipped behind her as the speed she moved at created a jet stream behind her. I leapt to safety again, and some poor tree became timber and toothpicks.

But now she faces her toughest challenge yet.

“Summoning justu ” I called as I punctured my thumb and spread a scroll on the ground. At the same time, a let all the chakra I could muster flow from me in one explosive burst into the appropriate place on the scroll.

. . .

“But don’t get too comfortable with your success,” Kurunai-sensei warned me. “Now that you’ve mastered summoning, your training with me begins.”

While she battles the feelings within herself and her family

However, I’ve learned its not my place to ask. Damn it I’m in tears again as I write this, but – that’s why I know that if I am to protect them, if I am to SAVE them, I have to save their friendship – No matter the cost. I know I’ll find a way, somehow.

. . .

“Its Naruto Uzumaki.” I said more loudly, but I knew my voice was quavering.

“Absolutely not!” my father said sternly. His fist came down on the table, declaring his judgement like a gavel. “I forbid it.”

. . .

Highspeed0516 presents a Sakura fanfic, and the sequel to Kissing the Wind

"Naruto, I've gotten so much stronger, but I'm not done yet. Wait for me."

Sakura Season
Hhhmmm... very cool Highspeed, sounds like it'll be interesting. -Thumbs up.- ^_^
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