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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
It would never get dull with Lee. xD
The only negative thing I can think of is if he started focusing too much on proving himself during sex, instead of focusing simply on being with his girl. She might start to feel like he's taking it too far, something like that.
Overall, Lee is a good mix of rough and gentle. lulz
No it certainly would not. x3
I could see that happening, Lee's overzealous like that. xP But if his girl just told him to quit it I'm sure he would.

Submissive Tenten, I don't really see that. XD She might like using knives as foreplay, and perhaps switch up between dominate and submissive, but I think she'd prefer an equal footing. *shrugs*
Maybe... I don't know. xD I mean I don't think they ever even told us Tenten's last name and if they did I don't remember it. How are we supposed to make an educated guess here? xP

Same here <3

Ooooh, we forgot Hebi as well as Gaara and Kankuro (well Nagato remembered those two).

So any ideas on Karin, Suigetsu, Juugo, Kanky, and Gaara?
Ooooh, you're right! I'll give it a go...

Karin- I could actually see her being very loving during sex just due to the way she acts with Sasuke who she seems to so desperately pine after(I swear the girl is pre-time-skip Sakura with glasses. >_>). But I'm all for the KarinxSuigetsu and I could definately see that as very angry and heated sex.

Suigetsu- I think he'd definately be really dominant and rather rough. He seems like one of those guys who craves control and I think that'd carry into the bedroom. He might even be a little sadistic about it...

Juugo- As long as he didn't go beserk in the middle of love making and kill his lover I think he'd be really gentle and sweet. He'd be kind of shy and awkward but very caring I think.

Kankuro- ......... I don't really know. o.o; Something tells me he'd want to involve his puppets somewhere in the mix though. xP

Gaara- Pre-time-skip Gaara would probably kill a girl for even attempting to touch him. xD But post-time-skip... I think he'd be really stiff and reserved, kind of like Neji only more awkward 'cause he's new to the whole 'affection' thing. But I'm sure he'd get really into it and be a careful lover but as long as the girl had no complaints I think he'd pick it up and be kind of rough with it, but constantly making sure that he wasn't hurting the his lover.

Very cool fanart Taijiya! x3 I <3 all of those couples! Not so much ShikaTema... but I'm getting into it, I just gotta warm up to Temari a little more.

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