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Re: Haruno Sakura FC

Originally Posted by Highspeed0516 View Post
I vote aunt . . . but she apparently died along the way . . . the question is how.

I vote Kyuubi attack.
I agree, I think Rin was Sakura's aunt. But did they ever actually say that Rin died? From what I understand all that's been said is that she went away, not that she's dead.

Sakura's parents... they're definately not shinobi but they're definately around. I'm thinking her mom is probably a stay-at-home mom and her dad probably works in one of the shops in the village. I'm thinking she gets her temper from her dad and the occassional soft/sweet/eccentic nature from her mother. Also I like to think she gets the pink hair from her dad just 'cause... well I think that'd be funny. xD
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