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Re: Digimon FC

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
i totally agree, ash hasn't progressed at all, it's so lame.

at least in digimon, like you mentioned earlier Raidori, the characters grow and progress, and the story line (omg) pregresses to!

and what you mention about the evolution reminds me of the fact taht pekachew (or how ever you spelled it) never evolved! how lame!
i'm sure the point is he might not continue to be the fuzzy character we love, but as digimon shows, evolution just makes the character more interesting, rather than less lovable.

and you're right, digimon could kick pokemons ass any day.
especialy since digimon are intelligent and talk and what not, while pokemon are jsut dumb creatures with survival instincts.
thats what ive been telling my friend who is a pokemon fan for months now, im glad someone agrees with me! digimon beats pokemon. kids didnt like pokemon as much as digimon because there was an actual plot and you actually had to think. with pokemon all you do is collect more and more monsters and throw little red balls. whats the fun in that? and the worst part about pokemon is that it goes nowhere. powerangers has a better story than pokemon!

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