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Re: The Uzamaki Naruko Fan Club! Sexiest Girl In The NarutoVerse!

Originally Posted by Raidori View Post
Look what I found! A story about Naruko in love, its pretty good! You know you love this!

The Tale of Princess Naruko and Sir Sasuke





Once upon a time, there was a blonde, beautiful, and sweet princess named Naruko. She had a lover named Sir Sasuke, a knight who had devotedly served King Yondaime for years. Unfortunately, Princess Naruko was engaged to a powerful young king named Neji, who ruled over the Hyuuga Branch Kingdom. King Neji was the surliest sovereign who ever lived. Princess Naruko's and King Neji's wedding was scheduled for tomorrow.

"I hope you are ready for the wedding, milady," King Neji said, though it sounded like he did not mean it at all. Then he left.

"Oh Sir Sasuke, what am I going to do?" Princess Naruko cried. "I would rather die than marry that *BEEP*."

"Maybe you should ask Shikamaru," Sir Sasuke suggested. "After all, he is advisor to your father."

Instead, Princess Naruko went to King Yondaime.

"Father, I don't want to marry King Neji," Princess Naruko whined.

"Why not?! He's powerful, he's handsome, and he's intelligent," King Yondaime said admiringly. "All the women love him. Why don't you?" Princess Naruko spoke no more of this matter to King Yondaime.

So Princess Naruko did what Sir Sasuke advised. She spoke to Shikamaru.

"It is too troublesome to discuss this matter," grumbled Shikamaru. "Besides, King Yondaime will never change his mind about it. It is futile."

Meanwhile, Sir Sasuke was brainstorming on how to marry Princess Naruko without King Neji ruining their love. Suddenly, the evil sorcerer Orochimaru appeared to him.

"O-O-Orochimaru!" Sir Sasuke reached for the sword at his hip. Orochimaru held up his hand.

"I have come with something to offer," he said. "I know that you want to marry Princess Naruko, but she is engaged to King Neji.

"I will give you enough power to defeat Neji, for a price. Consider this carefully." Sir Sasuke was about to say no thanks, but then he thought about it.

"Fine then." He stopped touching the sword. "What do you want?"

"You have to do whatever I say." Sir Sasuke quickly agreed.

"Oh, add this to the deal: give me enough power to defeat my brother," Sir Sasuke added. Sir Sasuke's brother used to be the general of the kingdom's army, but no one had seen him ever since he killed almost all of his family. Sir Sasuke had sworn revenge. Orochimaru nodded.

When Sir Sasuke told Princess Naruko of the offer he accepted, she was so upset about his weak-mindedness that she died. Sir Sasuke was controlled by evil for the rest of his life. He finally killed his brother when he was in his late 50's. Sir Sasuke jumped in front of him (from a bush), his brother had a heart attack, and soon died. King Neji married Princess TenTen of the Kunai Kingdom, but it was still not a happy ending. They had a fight everyday.

The End.

-Raidori's Comments
i dont like that princess naruko died but it still was a fun story to read! Why couldnt they have lived happily ever after? the guy that wrote this musta been emo. the endin sucked the itachi dieing of a heart attack was funny lol
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