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Re: Digimon FC

Originally Posted by naruto100% View Post
Its time they make a they want to create a total desaster like previous 3 seasons or they want to create something blow (good)! They destroyed digimon with 3rd and 4th (well now lets make them 3) and 5th season! The story.....its allways the same.....digiworld in well I dont know just I dont want to see "oh ah ih uh uff you are my friend dont do that dont do this" it makes me sik >.<! Digimon.....well I want them to be less <------ that I said and more figstyer!
Originally Posted by Raidori View Post
i liked season three, i thought it was really good. i wish the guy who did that story would come back for a second season. the problem with four was that it was boring and i couldnt just sit still for thirty minutes and watch it. i found myself switching the channel and forgetting that i was watching it.
yes, they need to have a really strong plot line, with not pathetic characters to be able to make a good second season.

and i think bring back the digidestined from seson 3 might work to, i think the ones from season one and two would be to old by then.
i liked it when the seson one kids helped the season two kids, it seemed to work pretty well, so perhaps they should try that again by getting the season 3 kids to help the season 6 kids?

but you're also right about possible ruining it, they'd have to be really careful. i think a colaboration of the authors fromt eh first 3 season would be able to whip up a pretty good story.

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