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Re: A Girl goes to Japan to kill herself

What's a harakiri?

Anyway, I agree with both LN and keisok, LN is right cuz you have to consider many possibilities, and Kei is right because you have to consider what other people are going through, how lucky you truly are. Personally, I think it is just a phase she is going through and went to Japan to relax as her passion, anime, originated from there. The suicide note could have been written in frustration. I should know, I have been there, I have had suicidal thoughts and I have written a suicide note, but the reason for those was because I was angry, scared, lonely, and confused. I don't have many friends, but, then again, who does? You don't need to have 100 friends to be happy, all you need is at least 1 good friend. I'm sure she didn't commit suicide, she could just be venting some anger, and when she is done, she'll return to "US" (teehee, couldn't help myself) and get reprimanded for it. That's my opinion.

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