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Re: Sasuke's Fate

Originally Posted by JohnMeshkoff View Post
Maybe the aka find all the byuui(spell?) but narutos then the aka send everyone they have left to retrieve him(Pein, Sasuke, and Madara lol).

Then we have Aka vs Konoha lol

I would love to see an actual ''war", but Akatsuki cannot afford to go to war with Konoha. Konoha has hundreds if not thousands of shinobi. We have not seen them but by the looks of how many sand villagers there were when Gaara returned, Konoha should be about equal. Orochumaru had to trick the Sand just to be able to go to "war" with Sarutobi. Akatsuki can only afford to fight the Konoha team that is already assembled, and maybe a few more Konoha Shinobi since can use Pein has at least six bodies.

edit: I just thought. If Madara is in Obito's body, and the Rock village were the last village seen with Obito's body, could Madara have an alliance with Konoha's long time enemies? Nevermind I just remebered Pein is the new leader of the Rain village and he already had his own army. There will be a war. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

Sasuke's problem is that he has publicy made his feelings for Konoha clear, over and over. He has been mentally traumitized twice as a child with MS since he was about 9 years old. He has turned his back on everyone and everthing that he loved and called home, just to get revenge on a brother that supposedly was only looking out for him and obeying Konoha. He probably feels like even if he went back for Naruto, the Hokage would lock him up for a loooooong time. He doesnt know Tsunade personally, and her reputation is likely know that she has a temper. Sasuke feels like he has nowhere else to go for real.

Sasuke initially planned to finish his normal life in Konoha after killing Itachi, but eventually he felt he had to turn his back on Konoha, and he did. He seemingly tried to kill Yamato and possibly all of the rest of them with the jutsu that Orochumaru stopped him from using. Sasuke is already screaming shit like,"I dont wanna hear anymore" "go away and never come back", or "I'll kill u" eventhough he is beat up to the point that he even passed out. Sasuke is mentally destroyed right now and Madara will likely use that to his advantage, mixing lies with truth.

It's just like StarWars except I hope Kishi still puts his only little twist to it like he is known to do. Dont make it just like star wars. That's why I see the good guy=Naruto having to kill the bad guy=Sasuke unlike Luke not killing Vader and bringing him back to the good side. I want Naruto to see that some people are beyond saving and sometimes u have to sever bonds, especially for the safety of the village. Once Sasuke has been lured in so much by Madara, he will give into the dark side.

Anakin Skywalker/Vader eventually saw that the sith Lord was leading him on and telling him lies after all those years and Padame is still not back from the dead yet he she somehow had 2 babies before she died though Vader was told that he killed her and his unborn child. A.S./Vader had gone so far by killing kids, killing all other jedi's, supposedly killing his wife, he felt he had gone too far into the dark to come back. He gave into the dark side until his son showed him the way back, through love.

Sasuke is stubborn and eventhough he has not killed anyone and for noble reasons, he is so mentally damaged that Madara can tell him that his own mother tried to kill Sarutobi and he might believe it. All of his life is starting to seem like a big lie so he doesnt know who to trust. Why not trust the man from your clan that trained your brother, and cofounded Konoha in the 1st place. He should have all the answers right Sasuke?

If Sasuke learns that Konoha made him give up most of his childhood and bonds just to kill the only family that he had left on their own orders, he is gonna start killing Konoha mothafukas left and right. He will really go crazy.

Going after Danzou or the elder means going at Konoha. That is Root and ANBU that Sasuke plans to go up against. Maybe he and Madara will build their own army by taking control over other clans and villages with their Uchiha power like Madara and the Uchiha's used to do in the good old shinobi days. I hope it happens like this and Naruto and Sasuke have an all out battle like Madara and the 1st did that leaves it permanent mark on the village, but this time the Uchiha dies for sure by the hands of the 7th Hokage. Kakashi became the 6th and had already named Naruto as his successor. Naruto the 7th after Sasuke kills Kakashi and Naruto kills Sasuke. Narutp tried but some people just cant be brought back from the dark side and I hope Sasuke turns out to be one of those people. It's a great lesson for Naruto to have to experience and handle for himself. It's definitely a Hokage decision that he will have to make.
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