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Re: Final Fantasy FC

well ok but this will be a long post so i will do one every post ok
Final Fantasy for the NES
The world is vieled in

darkness. The wind stops,

the sea is wild,

and the earth begins to rot.

The people wait,

their only hope, a prophecy....

" When the world is in darkness

Four Warriors will come...."

After a long journey, four

young warriors arrive,

each holding an ORB.

With these prophetic words, the four Light Warriors will arrive at Corneria,
and you will be the one who controls their actions, movements, and their

this is the start of the game it was one of the first RPGs made and the godfather of Final Fantasy it can get tricky to play with out a walkthrough but it is a fun game you can change you characters job to
The Fighter will be your big bad front man for any team you have. He has
high Strength, Hit Points, and he can also equip nearly every type of Armor
and Weapon you find along the journey. However, this character does have
the downside of no magic to call upon, but do you really need to cast spells
when you have a very dangerous weapons user anyway?

The Knight is an improved version of the Fighter in a few ways, mainly in
his use of even MORE weapons and armors than before! Add onto that the
ability to use low level White Magic charges (Levels 1-3), and you have a
nearly unkillable force, protected by great armor, and the ability to do
some self healing.

Black Belt/Master
The Black Belt starts out as a decent attacker who misses a fair bit when he
attacks, but blossoms into a machine of flying fists once he levels high
enough. He has no use of magic at all, he can equip very little armor, but
he does gain some fairly good Hit Points (although not as much as the
Fighter unless really high levels are reached).

When upgraded to a Master, a Black Belt gains... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That
being said, this character will continue to radically improve his abilities
to land multiple hits as well as having many of them being critical hits.
The downside is that certain enemies are tougher to hurt (higher Absorb),
thus the damage dealt is low due to no weapon being used (NEVER use weapons
on these guys though if you want to deal big damage). It has also been
brought to my attention that the Master actually develops WORSE Magical
Defense than the Black Belt (see the Magical Defenses in the Bug/Oddities
section for more details).

The Thief is an interesting character to choose because he is an odd
character. He has decent strength, decent Hit Points, and a moderate Hit%,
but he has such horrendous weapon choices that he deals little damage. His
main (ie only) skill as a Thief is his ability to run away from battles at a
slightly more successful rate than your character in front of the party
(usually the position of a character determines their running ability). Not
a very useful class to have.

The Ninja however, is a very NICE reward for putting up with the Thief's
incompetence. The Ninja gains the abilities of equipping nearly every
weapon and armor you come across as well as learning some low level Black
Magic spell charges (Level 1-4, including the highly useful Fast spell).
With all of this you have a harder hitting, spell casting, speed machine on
your side.

Red Mage/Red Wizard
Red Mage is the jack of all trades, with the abilities to equip fairly good
weapons, armors, and both types of Magic. That being said, his stats are
not outstanding and they slowly start to lag behind other more specialized
characters (but he does not have an inherit weakness either). He does
suffer from a lack of high end Magic spells, beginning at Level 5.

The Red Wizard is kind of an expansion of the earlier class to include
better weapons and armors, and even some higher magic (like Life and Exit).
However, he can not reach the Level 8 spells no matter how strong he is, but
this is a small price to pay for a well-rounded warrior.

White Mage/White Wizard
The White Mage is a limited weapons and armor user who can not be counted on
in battle to deal damage. That said, this character shines through in those
tough battles where some extra defense is needed or some dire Curing

When the White Wizard rolls around to join the group, you will not gain many
new armor or weapon abilities, but Level 6 and higher spells will become
available to this specialist, including: Cur4, Lif2, Wall, Exit, and Fade.
That being said, White Wizards are still a fair liability in battle
offensively and defensively, but they can be very useful in certain

Black Mage/ Black Wizard
he Black Mage is a limited weapons and armor user who can not be counted on
in battle to deal damage physically. However, this little pointy hat toting
fellow can buy himself attacks spells to dole out the damage as well as
spells to disable the enemy or enhance his allies abilities. He gets the
lowest Hit Points of all of the characters.

The Black Wizard changes a lot... in physical looks. Otherwise, more Black
Magic can be learned (right up to Level 8), including the godly Nuke spell.
The Catclaw is also available for a very dependable weapon, so the attacking
abilities will be increased. That said, the sole reason to have one of
these guys is to deal out magical damage and strengthen your team's attacks
through stat altering spells.

as you play the game you see why this is the stat of a great RPG series you can find stuff on other games like a grave with R.I.P link on it in the dark elf country
Squaresoft now Square Enix mad a hell of a game with this one

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