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Wink The Pakuru Clan FC

If your not fimiliar with the Pakuru clan cheack out the create you own clan FC. Dont want to do that? then read this!:
The Pakuru Clan: The Pakuru Clan is a lower level of the Hyuga clan. The Pakuru Clan got sick of the Hyuga and they went to war.
This war lasted 2 weeks! Of course, the Hyuga clan won. Soon after, the Pakuru clan went into hiding. A man named Tiko Rampa left the Village to try to over power the Hyuga; He succeed. He made real Shodow clones!!! This man looked like Naruto but had nothing to do with him. Like everyone else, he rejected him.
Though the Pakuru clan was weak once, tis proves that 1 person can accomplish a lot if what he/she believes in is real. Now thr Pakuru clan live in a village called Pakk.

to join post saying you want to!
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