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your own clan fc

your own clan fc
hello here you make your own clan and keke genki and here you make it unike
by talking and making the naruto life come real you are responcible for all your post here and there to stay clean and violence free you may comment on others clans and keke genkis. so get postin and have fun

Rule 1: no off topic post
Rule 2: have manners
Rule 3: no cursing
Rule 4: no off the wall crap
Rule 5: you may join a exsisting clan
Rule 6: Co-Owners will have the athority i have to let people join and expell them

Owner: hellskitchen08 (clan: shillter)

Co-Owner:1.hokage4354 ( clan:
Kotizusora clan)
( clan:
Kotizusora clan)
Kiome Hyuga
(Hyuga clan)

Zatch Bell_lover
(Kotizusora clan)

(Hyuga clan)

( shillter clan)

(Anchuni clan)

yellow flash 55
( higaku clan )

fc pics
our first banner

our second banner

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your own clan fc
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