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Clan name: Anchuni
The childnren of lightning LOL

Kake genki: The clan nature chakra is lightning power and with it they are able to create an "Anchui: Mokanguyo no jutsu" (just random name). The hand seal for this justu is: Dog, boar, dragon (five times in roew)!

The past: Anchuni clan was created near after the creation of Konoha itself when Uchihas and Senju clan were at the top of the others! The name of the first Anchuni was Shuni the 1st who had abillity to create an electrical ball full with chakra big like the Katon fire ball.....the jutsu named Chidori was created from this jutsu after the 2nd ninja war!!
At the Konoha middle age Ancuni went in war with the Huga clan because ome of the Huga member killed Anchunis 3rd leader.....after the war the clan was near at its final destruction but thanks to 4th leader it was rebored and set on top again!
When Uchihas were destroyed Anchuni grabed their chance and sat for one of the most powerfull clans in Fire land! And still, till this day, Anchuni stayed in conflict with Hugas!

Present: Present leader of this clan is young women, for which is belived she is the strongest Anchuni ever, named Gakara! She is freom the main branch of the clan and her aim is to bring peace into Konoha and give a birth to one future Hokage!

Fire Element: 5.0
Water Element:3.0
Earth Element:8.0
Wind Element:5.0
Lightning Element:10.0
Wood Element:2.0
Lava Element:1.0
Ice Element:2.0
Weapon Strengh:8.9
Weapon Accuracy:3.5
Weapon Penatrasion:10.0
General Strengh:10.0
General Speed:9.5
General Defence:10.0
Anbu Rating:10.0
Will Power:10.0

That is my clan.....

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