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Chapter 266 Discussion (SPOILERS)

Great chapter that is all I can say, FREAKING great chapter. I like how Kankuro stood up for Gaara when the council member started talking bad about Gaara. He probably didn't have a hance against the council member but that didn't matter to him, if you talk bad about his brother then he is going to hand you. Nice work on Sakura and the old womans part on breaking Sasori's first and second line of defense, but HOLY SH!t they are about to fight a freaking Kazakage now. I think they will be in over there head on this part and will need Naruto and Kakashi as backup. Then again the old woman does have one little ace up her sleeve that she is saving for such an instance, now migt be a good time to use it. I can't believe Kakashi and Naruto are having so much trouble against Deirdra I thought it would take a little time but they would wrap things up pretty quickly. I wonder how you turn a person into a puppet, especially someone as powerful as the third Kazakage.

Switching gears real quick, but I don't know if both the third Hokage and Kazekage were around at he same time, but if so the villages must have ben very powerful at those times to have such powerful ninjas in charge at that time.
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