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Re: Nintendo Tells Little Girl "She's Fat"!

Heard about this a few weeks ago and the hidden message from nintendo is....

"Its not our fault that your fucking fat"

Don't you just love nintendo, i do <3

But the wii fit is quite fun, obviously i didnt use it to loose weight but for the heck of it. Shame on the girl though, i mean isnt it kinda obvious not to believe a game? use a god damn mirror to see how fat and ugly you are, surely the parents had enough sense but apparently not. If your daughter isn't fat, then why the hell should you be worried. People like this piss me off, blaming video games for everything..."omggg my son killed someone....i blame manhunt"

Its pretty much the parents fault for allowing their son/daughter to buy and play the games in their own home...take responsibility morons.
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