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Re: Where will sasuke go now?

Originally Posted by Raidori View Post
so why do you think there going after him? to take him to prison for killing someone who killed his etire clan then joined akatsuki? you think thats why naruto sakura kakashi choji shikamaru hinata and all the other are trying to find him for? to imprison him? why do you think there call sasuke rescue arcs. who rescues criminals?
Well he didnt thought of it that way. He thinks he has no dignity left. Its like swearing to your mom because she took away your PS3 cause she thinks its distracting your studies then you moved away and live on your own and promise her that your gonna better without her(yeah story of my life ). Its just like that but worst.

His pride prevents him from coming back cause what he did was treason which is punishable by death. You thinks its that easy but if your a man of honor this kind act is unforgivable for a man.

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