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Tornadoes hit Iowa. 6 confirmed dead.

Sunday Evening, Tornadoes hit Iowa, hard. 4 people dead in Parkersburg Iowa, and 2 people in New Hartford, Iowa. There were at least 200 homes destroyed in Parkersburg, and 200 damaged. I live here in Iowa. I live in the southern part though. They had pretty good warning systems, it's just that, this particular tornado was a F5. It was a half a mile, to a mile long.
If you've been to MSN today, and you saw that it killed 8 people. It's wrong. Just to let you all know now. But, this isn't the only tornado here in Iowa. I beleive there were at least 4 other more. But, I don't know about it.
Update: 2 more people died over the weekend.
And there was another tornado just yesterday.

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