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Originally Posted by Sesshomaru_55 View Post
It would not, If drugs we're legalized, More people would want to try It out, even the people who never have done any drugs, Underage teenagers get their hands on cigarets, alcohol and weed easily enough already, If drugs get legalized, It will be even easier to get, even for underage children. Maybe the crime will decrease, but more and more accidents will happen, and our future generations will just get dummer and dummer If everyone Is doing drugs from now on.
Thing is, the same people who are likely to drive drunk are probably the same exact people who would do something like drive while on other drugs that impair them. So it really wouldn't be that much of an increase as you're making it out to be. People who do stupid shit while intoxicated can still do stupid shit while intoxicated as things are now, so you're not really changing things all that much.

On the flip side, if people could just go to a store to buy drugs then there really wouldn't be any real incentive to go to shady drug dealers to get them. That alone would drastically cut down on crime, prisons wouldn't be overflowing with people in there for drug related crimes, etc.

Sure, in an ideal society no one would abuse drugs, ever. But that's not going to happen, ever. Making them as safe as possible, allowing people the right to do what they want so long as it's not harming other people (Doing drugs alone doesn't hurt anyone else directly, after all. And no illegal drug is worse than legal shit as a means of causing indirect harm, really.), and pretty much eliminating shady business via getting rid of dealers seems to far outweigh any potential negatives. Unless I'm really missing something huge here.
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