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The Greater Shinobi World II FC

◘◘◘ Welcome to the Greater Shinobi World II FC (GSWII) ◘◘◘

Please read what is below before joining.
If you don't like to read, at least read whatever is in this colour.
It will help you survive lol.


The main purpose of this FC: To create your own village/shinobi and to battle them out with your friends and enemies.

This is a continuation of the already existing Village Brawl FC (this FC should override and merge with the other one) - a better world, with better rules and greater opportunities to prove your worth as a shinobi.


Before i start, i'd like to explain a few of the key rules you will need to follow to keep this FC alive and running.

General list of rules and procedures to follow:

No Flaming!
Double posting and spam are not allowed.
You must be recognized as a member by either me or GAma_Oyabun to become an official member; else you will be treated and dealt with as a mere troll
Be nice and make as many friends as possible


GSWII Rules and Ideas:
No God moding - You cannot be invulnerable to damage
A village is allowed a maximum of 50 shinobi
of which.......
+ 70% will have to be chunnin level or under
+ 30% will be jounin leveL, kage level + ANBU

(from this you can see that the majority are genins and you have a small number of very strong nins. Why is this? We want to keep a good database of everyone's abilities - the greater number of strong shinobi, the more disorder.
You can create separate teams within your village (i.e., ANBU, Akatsuki of the Crown Village, etc..)
Your village must have its own unique name
Your kage must be named (i.e, kazekage, mizukage, dakukage, hokage, fanage, Lugage, Laguge etc..)
You must list your village nins' abilities, weapons used, and bloodline limits before proceeding to do battle with anyone {On the frontpage I will list the page number(s) in which you've explained your village abilities and etc.}
A Maximum of 3 bloodline limits are allowed per village. You can have nins with bloodline limits from another village.
Legendary status is gained by an increase of rank in GSWII which will be explained later on
You are allowed to form alliances and train in another village. A maximum of 3 alliances can be made.
You cannot use space/time jutsu if you have not won at least 10 battles. Even then only your kage will be allowed to use these special type of techniques.

You know what, i guess the judges will decide on what is what... The Judges will be chosen, we will choose who are appropriate for the position.

But you must describe the attack/jutsu/defensive.
E.g. Kirin
Offensive - 10
Defensive - 5
Element - lightning
-other information

If offensive + defensive >15 then it means that the jutsu is A-class or S-class. A normal high level jounin shinobi should be limited to 2 of these. A kage will be allowed 3.

Ranks and Prizes
Rank will be gained by battle wins.
The rank you need to call your village prosperous and powerful will be level 4.

This is how it is done...
lvl 1 ----- win zero battles

lvl 2 ----- win one battle (in total)

lvl 3 ----- win 3 battles

lvl 4 ----- win 6 battles (considered a prosperous and strong village at this point)

lvl 5 ----- win 10 battles (Your kage will be allowed to use space/time jutsu with limitations)

lvl 6 ----- win 15 battles (Considered God of all Shinobi and given ownership privileges of FC and other rewards)

At the end of the battle, the opponents and their allies will rep each other to their liking (This is your choice).


Owner of FC:

Secondary Owner:


Honorary Co-owner:


FC Alliances:

Village Brawl FC


Also, we are in need of a FC banner. Is anyone willing to make one?

Have fun guys!

Remember: You cannot form alliances with any of Kishimoto's villages or import any nins from these villages. Kishi's villages are hidden until further notice.

Before you describe your village and stuff, i'll first have to get you on the members list. So you don't have to worry about posting your village data on your first/second post here.

Don't get overwhelmed by this first thread post.
Remember to have as much fun as you can!

The Greater Shinobi World II FC

Join now

Offers are limited lol.

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