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Village of the Phoenix Ashes

Come on Gama, where's your village lol?

Alright, so i'll start with my village information,

Village of the Phoenix Ashes

Kage name: Plytokage

Village Specialization:
Elements: Fire, Earth, Dark type/illusion
Jutsu used -

Genjutsu techniques are mostly illusionary techniques. These techniques cause the opponent to hallucinate and make them see things that are not really there. Genjutsu type techniques are great to use when you are trying to escape or confuse the opposition. While your opponent is confused, you can attack without them knowing where you are or you can escape.

Ninjutsu is the art of making hand seals and kneading chakra to perform a jutsu (technique). When you make the appropriate hand seal, your desired technique comes forth! Performing Ninjutsu techniques require full concentration and if interrupted, will not work. It only takes a few seconds to successfully execute a Ninjutsu technique, however some can take much longer. Ninjutsu is probably the most used attack type out of the three main categories.

Taijutsu is the hand to hand combat part of a ninjas' training. It deals with no hand seals and chakra is focused throughout the entire body. Taijutsu attacks deal from a variety of slow to fast movements. They vary depending on the amount of chakra used. As known there are only two hand to hand specialists in the series: Guy and Rock Lee.

Doujutsu (Bloodline limit - eye technique)- Doujutsu techniques are performed by with the eye. Doujutsu techniques are powerful because they can read Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu techniques and defeat them without any physical movement whatsoever. Because of the difficulty and power of these techniques, people who perform Doujutsu techniques are usually geniuses. The Sharingan is considered a Doujutsu technique.

Hijutsu (Bloodline limit)- Hijutsu techniques are special techniques that can only be performed by a specific ninja, or only by ninjas from a specific clan or village. These techniques usually have to do with the heritage or physical appearance of the ninja. A lot of times, these techniques are a ninja's most powerful attack and favorite to perform. There are many different Hijutsu techniques in the series. Bloodline limits are considered Hijutsu techniques.
Kinjutsu (Forbidden jutsu) - Kinjutsu techniques are techniques that are illegal and outlawed by the Kages. Kinjutsu techniques are extremely strong and can cause huge damage when used. If it is mastered by the wrong person; a whole village could be in severe jeopardy.


Jounins - 14
Kage - 1
Future Kage candidates - 2
Special ANBU - 10

Chuunin - 15
Genin - 8

Details about my Kage....

His name is hidden
-mostly uses dark type moves, blending in with the night (Strongest in the night)
and using genjutsu to trap opponents and defeat them.
-powerful jutsu user
-vast variety of jutsu knowledge
-large chakra pool
-A powerful kage
-medical nin
-can use summons
-Bloodline limit - Garudak (will be explained later)

Servants of the Great Phoenix (ANBU) -
Fight in teams of 2
5 teams altogether with special abilities that will be explained later on when they do battle

Your average level jounins

Chuunins, genins, etc.. will not take part in wars but will be used as subordinates and reinforcement to increase number of men on the field.

Bloodline limits -
Garudak - Gives full control of the Phoenix Sword
Cytogan - bloodline limit (doujutsu) giving the ability to use ice, wood, and any element.
Tyflozen - bloodline limit (non-doujutsu) gives ability to materialize into anything of the person's choosing. E.g., blend into water, fire, Turn self to lightning clouds,etc..


Phoenix Sword - a powerful sword that whips large amounts of chakra at the opponent. The sword is a reservoir for chakra. If ever the user runs out of chakra, the phoenix sword can lend a hand, giving some chakra (limited to only 1 use per battle)
T-Garuda-Knife: Fast as lightning, this kunai like weapon paralyzes teh opponent the instant it is hit. A type of death poison is also inserted into the opponents skin.
Necklace of healing - worn by the kage and gives the ability to revive a dead shinobi. (Can only be used once in life)

Kunai, various other normal shinobi weapons...

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