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Re: How stupid is this forum?

Originally Posted by itachiisback View Post
... there's a reason i deleted that part...
No doubt, I would've deleted it too. Actually, I personally wouldn't because I'm a manly mother fucker who regrets nothing and thinks before typing shit, but meh.

I've seen a few of them claiming to be intelligent.
Quotes plz. Also, you can be intelligent and mess around on the interwebs. It's possible to do both. = /

I'm not saying that i'm "so smart" but these people should settle down and start being a little more co-operative and friendly.
Cry more. Seriously, welcome to the interwebs.
The majority of people here are extremely rude. I call stupidity and ignorance.
No they're not. Quit crying. I've never had the majority of people here be extremely rude to me. Weird. = /
I am no hypocrite. I am usually nice but right now i'm just ticked.