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Re: The Greater Shinobi World II FC

haha ic here's my village we can do a test battle after we balance mine out

Hidden Village of the Dragons

Leader: RyuKage

elements: ice, wind, fire

Shinobi force: 10% genin
60% chunin
10% jonin
10% special forces
10% dragon guardian

Blood lines:

1) Dragon Link: all shinobi chunin or above should have attained the special bloodline limit of dragon link. they are able to sense their brethren through the special chakra that they share. when activated in a group the group gets a combined shared chakra pool and the damage they take is evenly distributed among the users

2) Dragons Heart: only a high level shinobi will be about to unlock the dragon heart. after he has spent years realizing his true powers in the dragon link state he is able to bring the chakra into visable form, in the form of ice or fire. only a few ninja considered as genius' have obtained the ice dragons heart. the fire dragon heart allows the user to breath fire without the use of hand seals. the dragon heart enhances the ninja physically and he is able to move with more agility, and is able to fight longer and harder. fire dragons heart further increases the dragon link ability in making the bond stronger.

Ice Dragon Heart- the ability to breath a cold flame, it protects the user at all costs the ability to generate an ice shield. the ice dragon heart user is slower than the fire dragon user. but the mind is cleared and perception is greatly increased. the power of the ice dragon is much more than the fire dragon. the idea is strength over speed.

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