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Re: Finally........


some loose screws, screws need to be tightened
You wanna lose, you fightin two tools and a Titan
My two tools is a pen and a pad
A bad lad when i pull the tools and use em for writin'
You the champ, but chu ain't battle no contenders
Ima undisputed m.c., i chop whops and throw toes in a blender
Hang necks from door knobs like tree ornaments
I'll step into yo arena just give me the coordinates
You spit bars on "mars", i spit hot as "mercury"
I hit like "venus" williams, a verbal anniversary
Travel from "earth" to "jupiter"
Get a beat from the "neptunes" then invite lucifer
Cause it get so cold, get stuck in "uranus"
Pull up in a "saturn", spit patterns that ain't painless
Cold as "pluto" and my john handcock
introduce M.C.s and "G's" to planet rock

thats for you G

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