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Uzumaki Naruto - Reshaping The Shinobi World

Never give up...that was the choice I had to make!'re the "Destined Child," I know it....the rest is up to you!

Just like your classic ninja series, the Naruto world has a "Chosen One" of it's own. Ofcourse, that person is none other than Naruto Uzumaki. How will he go about saving the world? You're probably thinking, "By using his haxxed abilities :facepalm ." There is some truth to that statement, but Naruto will do so much more.

He will ultimately reshape the way of the shinobi. After reading this thread, you will realize how Naruto's will plays a major role in all of this, why he has not given up on Sasuke, and how the manga plot will fall smoothly into place.

Revolutionizing AND Saving the World

Naruto has a myterious ability. He can befriend anyone and also has a myterious power to change people. We've seen him use these powers so many times before, but before I get to that, undrestand that it just so happens that Naruto has the power to bring change, which on a bigger scale, is a revolution.

The current and common shinobi belief is that ninja are simply tools that governments can use. This system dates all the way back to some of the earliest known events in shinobi history (Back then, ninja were simply clans acting as armed militia.~Madara, Chapter 398)

The idea of shinobi being used and tools and desiring only power is the exact opposite of what Naruto believes in (Back then, power was everything-Madara, Chapter 398) . Shinobi who persue power alone tend to disregard their friends and emotions. Sound like someone familiar? That's right, Sasuke.

-Sasuke: Present

At the very young age of twelve, Sasuke turned his back on the village in seek of power from Orochimaru. Naruto has persued him four times total and has failed in every attempt. As time passes, Sasuke only slips further away into the darkness. Even Itachi questioned why Naruto would want to save Sasuke (What is it about my brother that makes you care about him so much? He's a rogue ninja who abandoned you-Itachi, Chapter 366)

Here's where Naruto's will will play it's role.
  • No matter how many times he fails, Naruto will get back up again
  • Naruto is challenging the very essence of what it means to be a shinobi by persuing Sasuke

Remember these ancient panels?

Naruto has defied the way of the shinobi by letting his emotions play a role in rescuing Sasuke. Instead, he his following his own way. Wise ninja, such Jiraiya (and Itachi, as I have shown above), agree that Naruto is wasting time. Jiraiya called Naruto's actions foolish after reflecting on his failed attempt to keep Orochimaru in the Leaf.

Ultimately, Naruto will continue persisting and will overcome the cristicism from both of these shinobi icons. He is the underdog of the series afterall.

Naruto has taken the fight to the idea of shinobi being used as tools too...

Zabuza and Haku: Past

It's no coincidence that the very first arc tackled both the ideas of shinobi showing no emotion and the governments in the Naruto world using shinobi as tools. (Each clan was hired to fight for a country.-Madara, Chapter 398)

Gato's actions examplified Madara's words. He hired Zabuza and Haku to assasinate Bridge Builder Tazuna so that the people in the Land of Waves could not economically recover from his harsh rule.

Gato disrespectfully nudges Haku's corpse, all going back to the idea that the governments of the shinobi world just used shinobi with no regards for their lives. After Naruto defiantly lets his emotions get in the way of being a shinobi again by yelling at Gato, Zabuza restated the harsh fact that shionbi were simply used as tools :

(Do you really mean that? He really loved you! He loved you that much! Do you really feel nothing? Do you really...really not feel anything? If I become as strong as you will I become like you? He threw away his life for you. Without his die as a tool...that's just so sad~Naruto, Chapter 32)

And those were the words that brought Zabuza to tears and finally made him admit that he actually was sad that Haku was dead. Naruto, exihibiting his power, displayed that his ninja way prevailed over the idea of never showing emotion.

But how will Naruto take the fight to the governmental system? And just how will he get the opportunity to rewrite the way of the shinobi?

Konoha: The Old Generation

For a long time now, it was believed that Konoha is the only civil government in the Naruto world. The latest chapters revealed that Konoha's government is almost no different from the government in any other Village. Danzou, a very militaristic leader, ordered Itachi to exterminate the Uchiha Clan.

If you haven't realized, Danzou used Itachi as a tool, not considering how painful it must have been for Itachi to kill his own clansmen. This isn't the first time Danzou has done this though.

Danzou completely disregarded Sai and used him as a tool as well. In the Hidden Village of Blood, Sai committed the ghastly act of killing his fellow shinobi and ultimately, the emotional side of himself.

Soon, Danzou will suffer the consequences of his actions. Sasuke now wants to destroy Konoha, and though it is unclear as to whether or not he just wants to crush the government or the village itself, it's obvious that Sasuke will reveal what Danzou did. Upon hearing this, ofcourse Naruto is going to side with Sasuke. He was spoken out against shinobi being used as tools before, as I have clearly shown.

Is Naruto afraid of siding with someone who is considered a rogue? Nope, Naruto considers Sasuke a friend, and as shown when he ignored Kakashi's warning to stop yelling at Zabuza, Naruto isn't afraid to speak out against his superiors for what he believes in.

But this doesn't answer the question why other shinobi villages will allow Naruto to rewrite shinobi law....
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