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Re: Teen plots to blow up school to get into heaven and kill Jesus

Originally Posted by catilena1890 View Post
MY HERO! How can I contact him? I want him to blow up my school! ROFL, but seriously, who is he kidding? even if he did manage to do this, does he honestly think he'll get into heaven for doing it? or for his plan to kill jesus? kinda redundant if you ask me, considering people in heaven are already dead.
lols i guess like this

ryan a.k.a Pepedinamite: dam all you ppl now i will blow this f&^# school. *with the detonator in 1 hand and a shotgun in the other*

BUMM BAM*explosion sound*(he blow the school now he is dead)

ryan a.k.a Pepedinamite: yes im almost in heaven i will kill Jesus and every1 here too*with a shotgun in his hands*

heaven entrance.
Jesus: hey what the F@$% you think you are doing here with a shotgun

ryan a.k.a Pepedinamite: i will going to kill you.

Jesus: OK so you put bullets in that shotgun?

ryan a.k.a Pepedinamite: OH DAMN *pack of bullets inside his car*
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