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Re: Im evil :P

Your not evil,if anything you just feel upset over somthiung unimportant,and even if you wont accept or admit it it's true.You may hate the world and feel that it is not worth saving,we have all been there,but we didnt make some thread about it on a forum,we GOT OVER IT!!!Am I saying that entertaining the thought of a mass extinctioin of the sphere of rock we call our home is all bad,no I'm not.Dont get me wrong I hate alot of people in this world,and I do think the world should be "cleaned up" but a masive destruction of all mankind,thts like some gay generic villain idea.Also I would like to add that merely being upset with your parents,friends,school,job,etc. may constitute a temporary feeling of hatred to the world,it does make one truly evil if they get mad over such petty reasons.

I hope I cleared this up for your,your not evil,your just seeking attention,and if you are actually feeling depressed about somthing dont let things get bad.

In all seriousness to everyone who post here,depression can hurt alot of people,and I'm not doing this to mess with the OP,or try to pry into there personal life.But I take this issue very seriously,if you are feeling depressed or no somone who is,please open the spoiler,and follow this important link.

Link to help you need.

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