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Originally Posted by Sesshomaru_55 View Post
I knew you'd post it, why do you think I said don't tell anyone? lol. You did exactly what I wanted you to do mibz
I knew you thought I was going to post that, and that you would say this after I posted it. You did exactly what I wanted you to do, Sesshomoru. ; )

Protip: Saying you knew something was going to happen after it happens is pretty toolish. Obviously, exceptions apply. This not being one of those though. ^^b

Edit: @Trey-Making assumptions about people's posting motives while admitting that you're unfamiliar with them isn't super logical or anything either. It's entirely possible that they were just givin' props where they thought they were due. If they have a track record for that shit, then it would make a lot more sense though.

Also, still don't see how that's hypocrisy on their parts. Just saying. ^^;
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