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Originally Posted by Trey View Post
Misinformation is like a disease of the ignorant. Despite the amazing condescending perks of asserting my knowledge over the meager and average, it's just a pity seeing disinformation.

@'Buro--Then I must've had an outsiders view of the hypocrasy while you so vigilantly battled with an obvious newb. Bray-vo.
I saw irony. You sure you didn't mean irony? You know, how it's ironic that fail would be making fun of other fail? That makes a lot more sense, and would make your elaboration a lot less stupid. Hypocrisy would be if one of the failures said "lol lyke saying you're evil is gay. Also, Im evil." I didn't see any of that, nor did I see you point any of that out in your elaboration. Maybe I missed it and you forgot to mention it? Who knows. ; )

There, surely a respectable older member like yourself is a more worthy opponent to vigilantly battle, yes? XD

@Sess-He was in the military or some shit, yo. Duh.

Real question is, why would you sit there and film your friends being eaten by zombies instead of helping them? "LOL LYKE LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU, I'D HELP YOU OUT BUT I'VE GOT A CAMERA IN MAI HANDZ HURR HURR"
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