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Re: Uzumaki Naruto - Reshaping The Shinobi World

and like the legendary sannin naruto will be well respected; but what will he be known as hokage or will he even go further and unite all the villages and become high hokage?!

Even though narutos abiliies are amazing he can make himself into hundred of thousands of clones and if he gets stronger make each clone due differenet techniques so u dont know where to stop his attack from but thats just the tip of what he can do who knows what else he can learn or add to his scheme. there's only one word that i can see people calling naruto in the future when he is fully developed. GODLY!

(not to mention Jiraiya even said he is the chosen one and the son of shodaime so naruto is the future and will be great. couldn't agree with what u said more!)
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