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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

Hey I got one interesting theory!!!... lAnd now its kinda clear to me... Why madara has his sharingan on all the time???... dont you think that will consume his chakra way to fast?? but what if he is like kakashi and kisame....

and since he IS the mizukage!!! (I dont think that the hidden village of the mist will take an Uchiha as their boss, its like the president of USA will be a Russian) what if "Madara" is someone like kisame, you know that Kisame has a huge chakra and stamina (thats probably why he can be using the sharingan all the time) and he just has a transplant like kakashi, maybe cuz he is old is that he has all that knowledge on konoha (cuz he never has take that mask off not even to sasuke, wich I think taht he was counting on Itachi putting Amaterasu in sasuke to have a motive to not show his face)...

thats the only explanation for him being the Mizukage!!! and the reason he helped Itachi to whipe his own clan was cuz they were planing that coup de'etat-- knowing how the uchihas can control the kyubi that was probably what he feared the most....

so my theory is that Madara did Die in that fight with de 1st hokage... but he was found by the Mizukage and get the sharingan from him....(that will explain how he got the sharingan)

.... so tell me what do you think?
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