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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

Originally Posted by Matthekage View Post
Totally. It's good to have the story moving again.

@Highspeed0516: It wold be very nice to be able to read the raw. Sorting through translations sucks a bit. Sasuke could be playing Madara as well. I would be surprised if he doesn't have a plan of his own.

@Shrike: Madara is ethereal one minute, hard as a rock the next. He seems to have a unique control over the everyday dimension.

Side note: Does this put an end to the Tobito theory, at long last?
Doubtful - the Tobito theory is the whole reason Kishimoto isn't showing Mada's face. Its what I would do if I were writing this. He know's exactly what he wants his audience to think - or wonder.

The other thing that could make it go away is if he explains how Madara survived/ lived so long - and it doesn't involve recycling bodies or any such creepy thing.
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