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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

Haven't read through the entire chapter but did anyone notice that Madara was mistakenly callen Mizukage, does this mean he was the leader of the Mist village at one point and lead Kisame?

Amazing new storyline:
Third Mizukage
Name Madara Uchiha
Age: 100+ years old
Rank: Mizukage
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
The Third Mizukage was the village leader when the Kaguya clan attacked Kirigakure. When a group of sword-using shinobi slaughtered the entire clan (except for Kimimaro), the Third was so impressed that he named this group the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. The Third Mizukage would later be revealed as Madara Uchiha and lets Kisame Hoshigaki (one of the ninjas he named Seven Swordsmen of the Mist) know that he's counting on him.
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