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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

Originally Posted by SharinganWarrior View Post
Hmm.. Interestin' chapter.. Mizukage.. hehe.. That explains why Kisame failed to the Mizikage.. I always wondered why he wasnt able to kill him.. Some odd reaction from Naruto, I would had thought he would have exploded, hes probably stunned for now...

Sound like Madara wouldnt attack Konoha as long as Itachi was alive.. Its interestin' to know.. I like it.. Poor Itachi..

It looked quite awesome how Madara blocked Sui sword with one arm..
We haven't seen NAruto's ful reaction yet. As of ight now he was still making sure he heard correctly, or he is in denial. It is a really emotional time though, and so far I think its being done right.

I think Kishi would have just focused on NAruto at this point, but he realized he owed us an explaination about Kisame - so he edited this chapter to fill in a lot of gaps.
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