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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

Originally Posted by Smeeeeee View Post
oh man so much happened in this chapter. it was so dense with so much information. I really hope now that naruto will be the sole owner of the toad sage ppl and be able to control gamabunta now as his own equal. that would be sweet.

The next chapter has naruto crying and screaming y he keeps failing the ppl he cares about and then asks kakashi to train him even more.... (i hope theres a couple panels of tsunade alone crying having flashbacks of jiraya)

man if freakin madara lied this whole time to sasuke i'll be livid man. "now that i have sasuke on my side" WTF does that mean?? and man he was the mizukage?? weird....

well at least kakashi's back and now we can see naruto again.

freakin madara just replenished his akatsuki team with the falcon ppl. definitely replaced the dead ppl with sasuke's team. what a tool.

oh yea and what the heck is up with zetsu. seems like he knew all along about madara's plan to takeover with his own agenda.

where does pein and that chick akatsuki fall into all of this.

overall good chapter.
Maybe Madara's plans are to take Sasukes PMS eyes once he inplants Itachi's eye's. Madara might have a plan to combine Itachi's Eye Tec. and Saskue's Eye Tec. and his own to make the the ultimate Mangekyou Sharingan.

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