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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

Originally Posted by Namikaze85 View Post
Actually uchiha fanboy no0thing was said about shodaime using bijju in their fight and even if he did kyuubi is the strognest demon period with unlitmited amount of chakra and power regardless of who shodaime used those bijju would tire out and faint or stop fighting kyuubi wouldn't.. not to mention the fact that there was no mention of shodaime using bijju if he did kishi would drawit.. but there is proof to say madara explictly said he gave those bijju away as a sign of treaty...

you uchiha fanboys never cease to amaze get the fuk over it already your boy lost he is fuking weak in the fac of the hokages he is a failure and will fail again now please move the fuk on already...

on topic:

This chapter was really good finally for soem reason when the story shifts to naruto it's always interesting with sasuke its boring.... oh well naruto will finally get some training in and i mean some serious shit....

madara being the mizukage well i guess when you fail at the top village you go for the weaker one and try becoming a leader there...

edit @ nexus again... ha ha yes you would love to see some big jutsu from them however noooo just noo.

Sasuke showed everything he had only thing he has left is mks which will do harm to him oh well.

Kisame water jutsu freak wow nothing special unless he is stronger then nidaime which i highly doubt .....

madara ahhh the failure of the teram nothing more needs to be added

pein the guy who has nothing in his repitore other then his secret which is bound to get revealed like next chapter

now this is what will happen

Madara - Will be killed by naruto in the future

Pein - same as madara

kisame - gai or gai and suigetsu roflll

sasuke - will fight kakashi r naruto and unless he comes to his senses which won't happen he will die
no one can kill any of those akatsukis on his own
there must be a team work

madara - will be killed by sasuke in the future,and sasuke will take his eye

pein - will be killed by naruto alone (dont know how but he will manage)

kisame - will kill gai and lee will avange him

sasuke - will kill kakashi and have his eye

konan - will be killed by team kurenai

tsunade - will be killed by orochi/kabuto

as for the rest of team hawk or falcon or whatever...i dont realy care
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