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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

Originally Posted by Sharingan Lord View Post
Good chapter, things are starting to pick up again.

First of all, poor Naruto.

And secondly, I think the Toad Sage sitting on that frog and Sai in his pajamas (or something that's not a top that shows his belly, ^^) both deserve a nice "el oh el." ~8D

I think it was kind of good to know that Sasuke was only planning on getting rid of the elders. (That's only Danzou and the other two old ones, right?) And it's also nice to see that it looks like Sasuke has something else in mind. At least that's what I thought when he replied with a "Heh..." to Madara's threat of betraying Akatsuki.

And I laughed when I saw Sasuke sitting in the big chair. I don't know, I just thought it was kind of funny. Suigetsu and Karin also cracked me up in this. I'm glad that they weren't, um, 'abandoned.'

Somehow, as oddly as he writes, Kishimoto manages to make all of his confusing plots come together.

I didn't like the scene where Madara was happy about Itachi's death, how he wouldn't get in the way of his real plans. D:

Could you elaborate this? When I read this, I'm thinking you're talking about the whole Mist Village arc, where there was that whole "Haku's family can manipulate water so we should kill them" dealio.

It kind of came into mind for me, but I thought they attempted to kill them just because. This actually makes a lot more sense.

Ooooh! I didn't think about that either. The whol Zabuza and Haku arc felt like a canon-filler meant just to introduce the characters once the chuunin exam arc started.

But now Kishi really is tying the whole story back to events in the beggining. Which means he really might not be writing by the seat of his pants, like I thought he might be - but actually has had some of this planned out for a while. Very cool.
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