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Nic is infamous around these partsNic is infamous around these parts
Re: SOTW #1 Discussion Thread

^ kudos to you, your very smart, next Hokage will have you working the interwebz plantations.

I do have to agree with you, he is being a quite obcessive about this.
I read the other discussiont hread, and he's being a total newb, he needs to get over the fact that he can't control everything.

Btw i love the sig you made, very nice.

And Boo!, your's is very..uhm creative.

To LN, sorry, but there's not much diffrence.

And @ Hokage

Listen, look at LN's picture, there's not half a name, i saw that MILF asked about having a letter or two, and you said it must have at least half of your username, so you can be sure it's theirs.

Now either make LN fix it, or admit your a complete dousch, and your a mod suckup,and resign from your post as host of SOTW.

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