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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

Originally Posted by Sharingan Lord View Post
Yeah, that's how I felt, too, considering that was one of my favorite arcs.

I tried to think about this more. I mean, they never really specified what was wrong with having a bloodline trait, they just said that Haku's father gathered a mob to kill them, even though they were having a peaceful life as a family.

But it's hard to believe Kishimoto had this planned out since the beginning.
Well, I think he wanted to write a story with a motif about oppression and genocide from the beggining at least, and now he's just carried that full circle.

Originally Posted by kenneth20748 View Post
Naruto's reaction to J-Man's death was priceless.

One of the best "You're bullshittin' me right?" moments so far in this series.

I'm just glad Pa Frog finally got his ass there.

2 things, I'm surprised Tsunade took it as well as she did and it seems I was wrong about Sasuke targeting Tsunade. Danzou and the village elders are being the ones who are targeted.
Yeah - definate denial so far from NAruto.

Technically from some translations Sasuke could still eb targeting Tsuande too as she is part of the "top tier"

However more like Tsuande would be some of that collateral to get in his way.

Nevertheless the cool thing is the fact that they have to get this eight tailed demon first.
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