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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

my personal opinion on zetsu is that hes way older than we think he is, and has been teaming with madara for some time now, i think his main mission is recon, and he seems to be able to sense fights prior to them actually beginning, my veiw is that madara has zetsu watch and record every fight in the shinobi world!! think about it, knowing which are the strongest ninja in the world worth recruiting, aswell as he could copy any jutsu he sees with his sharingan making zetsu his most improtant ally!! how do we know that him blocking suigetsu's sword wasnt him mimiching kakuzus skin jutsu!? i def think hes lying to sasuke just to get him on his side, too much off his story contradicts itself!! but he seems to have succeeded!! i reckon naruto is away to go train with the frogs now, since the scroll toad was there with pa, hes going to be awsome when he comes back!!
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