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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

Originally Posted by Evil[Angel] View Post
I told you MADARA would have a plan using the TAILED BEASTS!
wow you are a freaking genius. i mean who would have ever guessed that the point of kidnapping all the tailed beasts containers and extracting them was to use them somehow in a plan? not me! your so smart!
my evaluation of some naruto characters:

1-tsunade-easy to beat. just dodge one of her punches and stab her in the heart or head or something. has only taijutsu and even gai could beat her in that

2-sasuke-has too much plot protection. the only reason he survived everything is because kishi wants him to survive everything not because hes that strong

3-naruto-get a new move

4-orochimaru-is a gay pedofile."i want sasuke's body"
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