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Re: Naruto 404 Discussions

Originally Posted by Narutologist View Post
I thought this was a good chapter overall. It was definitely an interesting one. So Tsunade knows what happened to Jiraiya and Pain’s secret. Now they began to inform Naruto. This will force Naruto to want to go to the sage mountain to train because everyone knows now that he has to get stronger and he has to go away in order to do that. At least that is what I’m hoping…looks like we will find out in the two chapters…

The other part of the chapter that stood out was Sasuke’s scene. He changes from wanting to destroy the leaf to destroy the elders and Danzo which makes more sense to me. He knows deep down inside that itachi disfavored Madara so I’m thinking that he will carry on in the same way yet slightly different. It’s funny because he asks Madara if they have caught the nine tails as if he didn’t know the answer. Madara takes an orochi approach and says we will handle naruto your group fine the eight tails…Saskuke will not let that happen (at least this is my guess for now). I think he will do what he did to Orochimaru wait until the time is right and kill Madara…
Good post. I felt ignored.

Yeah - the subtle thing to glean from this chapter is Sauke isn't completely a lap dog of Madara - even if madara is satisfied that Sasuke is on his side. I agree.
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