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Re: Do you think sasuke can take on Konoha like that ?

Originally Posted by KoNg View Post
Ah Sasuke...He is a beast...Even without Oro now, he has regained much of the chakra he was using to suppress him. Oh, by the way..Did you see his new eyes? More Sasuke hacks? Lol, I picture something worse than Auto-Amaterasu and Kirin, err, and his Chidori x 100 uses.

You guys are missing a crucial fact... Madara. Him alone could take out much of Konoha IMO. Madara's true power hasn't been revealed, but if he was a bad ass ninja back then, he could only refine his power....(example: His teleportation jutsu) I don't see anyone owning him in a 1:1, hell, even a 1:100fight. He easily slipped away from chakra bugs and avoided the Byakugan...Thats the only thing that had a chance against him. Haha...and he's the Mizukage...pwn?

Pein....Do I even have to post an explanation? Rinnegan, he could own anyone in his way....He has what? Top notch genjutsu, taijutsu, ninjutsu, etc..and has special chakra disruptor blades (lol?) How many bodies can he use? Add to the fact, that he can ressurrect the bodies if they die.... (He did that in the manga at the end of the fight.) He has the perfect defense and offense...if he isn't seperated, but together they own, and I doubt anyone would be able to stop him even if they knew his secret unless it was Jiraiya, he was a true genius. Haha...and he's a god in the Rain...pwn?

Konan is eh....But if no one has oil they're screwed...

Not to mention if Kisame was at 100%, he would be leaps and bounds of chakra over a 3TB Naruto, and then some! Samehada eats chakra, his chakra level would only keep getting higher, and his shark water jutsu's pwn...If you see it, you'll believe. I don't see anyone really beating him either..I mean he's like the only Akatsuki members who hasn't been taken out....that's something by itself lol.....(RIP Kakuzu).

Suigetsu, just from not dying in his fight against Kisame is by itself worthy, with his muscle manipulation he can pose a threat. We haven't seen his fight so I'm assuming.

Juugo...the CS originator...nuff said, he's like the ninja Hulk.

Karin..I can't say anthing...sorry.

Zetsu...I can't say much either, he just eats people.


But we have to wait and see what's going to happen...if the tailed beasts are in this, then its over...
Heres my evaluation...

Silent kill of leaders...100%

Full Scale Attack...70%

....Hate on me if you want, but I dont see Konoha really stopping them...I mean Oro and his sound/sand ninjas easily penetrated and left with killing the third Hokage....And these Akatsuki members would easily rape all of them...Sasori claims he took over countries...too bad he's dead...
well Kong, you make some interesting points heres my counter...

sasuke is a beast but not to the degree you think... sasuke killed irachi because itachi let him...kakashi and gai are more then enough to take out sasuke.

ahhh yes madara....i was waiting for someone to pull that its true we know madara was badass back in the day and that hes still a powerhouse but once again lets not get ahead of ourselves...ok he dodges some bugs and byakugan that means a little but if hes really that big and bad he could have taken konoha years ago with just the old akatsuki...hell maybe he could have done it with just pein at his side if he was that strong...bottom line hes seeking out help which means he can't handle konoha (also hes building a superweapon just to detroy konoha)

now pein is powerful you have to be to beat jiraiya but that was a 1 on 1 and even then jiraiya found a way around it when pein is facing an army he definitely can't be looking in the same place at once...then again we don't know much more about his true power so ill let that one go...

konan not sure shes even that much of a threat so i agree with you there for now assume shes another powerhouse.

okay kisame...once again ill explain to people that 30% doesn't mean he was using 30% of total strength it doesnt mean that hes actually more then 3 times stronger then he was when he fought guy it means he used 30% chakra against guy thats all.(so basically its like in a video game when your characters energy, not health, drops to 70).....actually he wouldn't be over the 3-tailed kyuubi. kisame has alot of chakra but the amount of chakra naruto possess's isnt human its from a beast with unlimited chakra...key word unlimited so for all we no the 3-tails could be 30x kisames.. i mean have you ever seen naruto in kyuubi state run out of steam i dont think so...

Suigetsu...well hes probably powerful but i cant see him doing that much damage to be honest i kinda seem him getting shut down quickly by someone like neji....

Juugo is like the ninja hulk but even he is no tsunade... maybe even chouji's clan could take him out.

karin...well i could see sakura or hinata owning her..

Zetsu....hmmm tough since we don't no his powers besides traveling underground and spying...i would just have the aburame clan have they bugs eat him..

heres my evaluation...

sasuke's attempt to kill elders and danzo

20% chance of success
- danzo wanted to be hokage which means hes up there in strength...
- danzo is surrounded by loyal root members who answer only to him...
-elders as stated in previous posts are definitely tougher then they look being students of the first and all.

in an all out attack on konoha with the members you listed i can see them doing tons of damage but the chances of success would probably be....

20% chance of success also....
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