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Opinions on Christianity

While the title only says Christianity, if you have other opinions on other religions then voice them here. My main idea is I want an opinion on an individual religion and not religion as a whole.

So, this probably isn't a debate, but I am curious about people's views. I don't just want Christians, or atheists, or other religions. I want every person who has a view to voice it.

I have made this thread because after noticing problems around me I wonder how perverted the message of Christ, or other religions, has become. Every day people around the world experience other people telling them to conform to their religion because it is better and the true way. As a Christian, I experience people do this all the time not just just from other religions, but I also see my own do the same. The average Christian evangelist tells you that Jesus is the only way to heaven and you won't go to Hell if you say a little prayer of some sort. They also say that you must live pure according to the Bible (really just their interpretation of the Bible.) They hand you a little pamphlet, which has some cool graphic designs, and a bit of information. Then on the back they give you the church address, phone number, etc.

So you decide that you have a Sunday to waste. You go to the church and listen to the speaker tell you about his interpretation of the Bible. He tells you certain things to not do because the Bible tells you these things are wrong. He quotes some scripture, but not everything is quoted. Even when there is a verse that could go two ways, he tells you God told him it's wrong. So you accept the challenge of Christianity after the describe Heaven and Hell and the speakers voice pounds down on you like an undertow. So you walk out of the auditorium and converse with the other people a bit. You hear them talk a bit about the sermon, and some of the women are talking about their lives. One woman talks about how she was fired and how much of a hassle the boss was. You also hear another woman tell another woman to keep her child away from another child because he is starting to smoke. They say he is bad news and then quietly walk away. You walk over to the pastor and talk to him a bit. He only nods and doesn't really pay attention to a word you are saying because he is busy talking to other people who work for the church. So after you have had enough socializing, you walk home.

Years later you, your spouse, and your children attend that church. You listen to another sermon, a bit like the last one, and the one before that. Pastor tells you what to do and what not to do. He also tells you that if you give money God will bless you. So you give earnestly. After church you begin to socialize and another parent begins to talk to you about how her child is starting to go to parties and how she doesn't trust the other kids. You respond saying you don't either, and you even heard that there was a bit of drinking at that party from your child who left early because he didn't want to get involved. The other parent walks away to talk to someone else.

Then a man with dreadlocks comes up to you and asks if he can talk to you. You say yes, but as he is talking you look around for the rest of your family. You just nod along and by the time he is done you say bye and walk away.

You and your family drive home in your new Ford Expedition, which is the latest model. Heated seats, navigator, it has it all. When you get home to your house you open the garage and go inside the house. You look inside at the high ceiling and walk over to your couch. You turn on the television, an watch it for the majority of the day.

If I wasn't a Christian, that is how I would see Christianity. So how do you view Christianity? What do you think it is about?
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