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Re: Opinions on Christianity

I believe that Christianity is Truth based on historical facts because of the dynamic and vital life of the Church over a period of 2,000 years. I do not believe that human hands and minds and institutional processes can keep anything going that long and give hope and vibrancy that the faith gives to so many. Only something inspired, in this case the Holy Spirit, can do that. I believe in the resurrection because so many saw the risen Christ, so many wrote about it at different locations, at different times, people who couldn't have read each other's writings. I believe in the resurrection of the dead because I see resurrections all the time in everyday life: people whose spirits seemed absolutely dead for years, finding themselves alive and excited again. Marriages that seemed dead springing to new life. Bitter angry people mellowing and learning at advanced ages how to love and be loved. Longtime victims of clinical depression finding new spirit and joy in life. All these "resurrections" tell me there is a God, a God of life, and a God who can bring the dead to life.

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