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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
Now, I'm going to explain why I have a problem with the churches. The churches and church officials are corrupt and hypocritical. I know there are exceptions, there always are. But the churches have way too much control over what is published, even in countries where religion is supposed to be separate from the state. History books are affected by the churches, for example. History should be an unbiased, factual account of the past. Last year during Modern Civilization there was a unit on Judaism and Christianity. Once it focused on Jesus Christ it said how he performed miracles, like it was a proven fact (you had to understand the tone of how it was written, too). There's also the churches' unwillingness to cooperate with science. Evolution is a prime example. Who says that God didn't have a hand in evolution, or that he set up the variables for it to commence?
Trust me, I hate the church system too. At least the one that we have developed. I like the Quaker's method of church. There is a podium and if someone feels something is on there heart, they go up and say it. You don't have to believe it either because it is there interpretation. I think it could open the church up to many new ideas. As long as we have one certified pastor speaking at churches, we will only get one view of the Bible.

Secondly, churches shouldn't even care whether the Bible explains science or not. Jesus, or God, focused on what was in the heart and not so much the actions we do. This is quite obvious because of how much he ridiculed the pharisees, and how he called them hypocritical. Where did Jesus ever spend time talking about history? Only when he talked about past prophets and the prophecies that related to him. That is about 5% of the gospels. Jesus is much more concerned with the heart than the history of the Bible.

Another problem I have with the church is that we tithe to them and the money goes to the pastor, missionaries, and then the church fund. They say they give to charity, but they really only give to missionaries. Now some will say, "Tithe to the storehouse" and all that load of bullshit. Tell me though, where was this quote said? OH, it was said in Malachi, before Jesus came. So, couldn't it be an old testament thing to give to the church as your tithe? This what helped me come to the conclusion that tithing should go to the poor. He is another bit of data to support my point. When Jesus told people to give away their things, where did he tell them to give it to? The needy. It is obvious Jesus wanted money in the hands of people in need and not the large temple of the day.

I could go on and on and on and on about how much I dislike our idea of church, but I wouldn't have enough room in this forum to contain what I dislike.

Which type of Christianity are you talking about. I am Mormon, a type of Christianity. There are many types. Are you taking this with the verall ide, or just one type?
As I said earlier, you define Christianity. If you are raised Mormon and that is the only experience you have had with Christianity, then go for it.
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